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How To Deliver Packages To Our Meest Office In California? 

If you are located in a distant state where Meest trucks do not pick up packages, and theres is no representative nearby, you may conveniently ship your boxes to our office via UPS.

In order to have your package delivered to our office in Glendale, California via our prepaid UPS give us a call at

1 800 617 2545


What we do when we receive your package(s)?

As soon as we receive your package, we weigh it, and the invoice is created.

Please, remember the weight limit per recipient in the country of destination. For example, if you mail more than 110 lb to one recipient in Ukraine, the recipient will have to pay import duty. For additional information, please, read Conditions of International Transportation on our site.

We'll mail you our invoice for the cost of shipping from your address to the recipient’s address in the country of destination via regular mail.

Time of delivery to the destination country is calculated from the day your package is delivered to our address in 500 E. Harvard St. Glendale Ca 91205

Payment method

Once you receive our invoice, you can make a payment with your credit card or mail us a check.

When mailing your check to us, please, always indicate the Declaration number or our invoice number on the check.

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