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Car Shipment

  • Meest provides transportation of all types of automobiles and other road vehicles,  watercrafts, heavy equipment and machinery to Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other countries.

  • Meest has been shipping automobiles since 1995. We ship autos via ocean freight or air freight. Our experienced workers professionally load and secure 2, 3 or 4 cars in a container depending on car size and condition.

  • Our company trucks deliver containers from the ports in Europe to various destinations in Ukraine.

  • Additional services we offer: Car purchase, Local transportation (in the US) to the port of loading Car storage; Additional cargo insurance.

  • All sea containers are fully insured.

  • When shipping your car overseas Meest submits all export paperwork to US Customs for you.

  • When cargo arrives to the destination, port and unloading fees will be charged there. Amounts depend on the destination country. Meest-America has its clearing agents in many ports.

  • Due to safety regulations your vehicle’s fuel tank must contain less than one-quarter of a tank fuel but enough fuel for delivery, loading, discharge, and reaching a gas station after pick-up at the destination port.

  • In most cases, you can store personal items in the vehicle when shipping your car in a container.

  • We accept different forms of payment: cash, credit cards, checks, wire transfers.


  • U.S. Custom regulations require the original title along with the bill of sale to be submitted when ship cars (motor vehicles) from the USA overseas. These must accompany the vehicle to the port of origin (international ocean freight carrier's Container Yard - CY or pier). If there are any liens against the vehicle, a notarized letter from the lien holder authorizing the export of the vehicle must also accompany the vehicle.

  • If owner of vehicle, as in the vehicle title, cannot accompany the vehicle to the port of departure, then the owner may issue a power of attorney to the person or company that represents the vehicle's owner before customs in the port of departure (international ocean freight shipping company, international ocean freight forwarder, quality loading warehouse on cars shipped from U.S. overseas etc).

  • The original title must be presented to the destination customs. If a vehicle had been sold to the consignee (recipient) and shipped using international ocean freight service, then bill of sale should be presented at the destination as well. I.e. as soon as your vehicle had passed U.S. customs, in order to avoid extra charges at the destination due to lack of proper shipping documents, we suggest you to mail all original documents to the consignee without delay.   

  • You can find additional information in the site of US Customs and Board Protection:

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