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Our team of professionals has made Meest Corporation Inc. the parcel distributor of choice for people who value customer service, knowledgeable staff, and customer support. Since launching our business in 1989 within the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, we’ve built a reputation for having the knowledge and providing a wide range of delivery services that allows you to send out parcels on time and on budget. This is a direct result of our ongoing commitment that focuses on superior service to all of our customers, regardless of the size of your order.

Meest Corporation is dedicated to being a strong and effective partner in countries with a Ukrainian diaspora, providing support to friends and families in Ukraine, creating centres throughout the world to join Ukrainians together and to enhance cultural and business relationships between Ukraine and other countries.

Meeting Our Mission:

Uniting the diaspora with their friends and family “back home”, we at Meest Corporation have learned over our years in business of how to “build bridges” to connect and collaborate with people, organizations, and countries.

Today, Meest Corporation is the undisputed market leader in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Australia by providing value added services, such as delivery of parcels, commercial goods, money transfers, gifts, humanitarian aid, and more – not only to Ukraine, but also to Russia, Moldova, Belarus, the Baltics, and the Central Asian countries. These services are enjoyed internationally by hundreds of thousands of customers from many countries worldwide every year.

Enterprises, incorporated in the international Meest Corporation, work in Canada, the U.S., Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Poland, and the countries of Eastern Europe. With our Headquarters located in Toronto, Meest Corporation has over 500 offices and branches in North and South America and approximately 250 outlets in Europe.

Joining people, businesses, and continents, Meest (“bridge” in Ukrainian) has become a real bridge - integrating and linking communities in places across the globe!

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